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Announcement: Review of Online Slots Microgaming Platform

Review of Online Slots Microgaming Platform
Review of Online Slots (Microgaming Platform) (Part 1) Written by: BondedCasinos.com StaffDate: 23 June, 2008 Online slots games offer fair-odds payout percentages if you play at publicly traded software powered casinos. The leader in the industry is called Microgaming casino software and it is leased to many, many online casinos. The games are tamper-proof meaning no casino owner can change the payout ratio and Microgaming makes its money on leasing the games and not on the income derived from the game play so it has no reason to not provide a fair-odds payout ratio and in order to have kept its reputation as the cutting-edge software for online casino games it has every reason to assure the games are creating winners in a manner to parallel the payout rates found at land-based casinos. They provide a wide variety of slots games … many of the casinos powered by Microgaming software boast as many as 300 games … many of which are slots. Reel and video slots are available and both have an array of payline situations ranging from one payline to well over 50 … and they are continually coming out with new versions which means of course that the player never gets bored having to play the same games. The slots games all are themed and have something for almost any taste. You’ll get all the bells, whistles and excitement that one would encounter at a land-based casino. Most advantageous to the player is that if you get a hot streak .. you can change the credit values of your bets to higher numbers and never have to leave the hot machine where as at land-based casinos most of their games have a set credit value and therefore if you want to get brave and bet more … you have to switch machines. *Note that there are few land-based casino slot games which allow you to up credit values slightly but nothing like online games which can jump from $.25 cent credit values to $5 or more. Check out some of the quality casinos listed on this site and look near the bottom of the casino website and if it is powered by Microgaming there will be a logo somewhere on the page. If you would like to read more about online slots you can read the next article about progressive slots click here.

  • There are a wide range of different casino games that can be enjoyed on the iPhone. Playing real money iPhone slots is a particularly popular way of enjoying the iPhone casino and the games all contain beautiful sharp graphics and a very smooth game play

Slots Specials at Kerching Casino

Slots Specials at Kerching Casino

Online slots players who are looking for an excuse to play some of their favourite games over the next few days would do well to pay a visit to Kerching Casino
where a Thursday Crazy Cashback promotion will be quickly followed by a Fight Club event running from Friday to Sunday. The Crazy Cashback deal is worth up to £250 and the Fight Club offer will be worth up to £200
so slots players have literally hundreds of reasons to enjoy some Kerching Casino action as we head into the weekend.

Road to World Cup Glory

Paddy Power Casino is getting rather well known for staging some very exciting Race to Win online casino promotions
but the latest incarnation of the franchise will grab more headlines than any of the races that have gone before. That’s because the latest Race to Win promotion
which is called the Road to World Cup Glory
is designed to celebrate the World Cup 2010 tournament. Not only will the Road to World Cup Glory run for three months
it will also give away £150
000 in prize money
and both new and existing Paddy Power Casino players are welcome to participate.

Free Blackjack Real Profits

Free Blackjack Real Profits

Imagine a scenario in which an online casino gives you $1
000 to play for an hour and tells you that you can keep whatever profit you make
and then ask yourself: What kind of blackjack player could possibly refuse such an offer? That’s the question you need to ask yourself today because the Lucky Nugget Casino really is giving new players $1
000 worth of Free Play Credits to try out its games
and if you make a profit by using them at the blackjack tables you could create a ready-made bankroll!

Peak Entertainment launches 17 new slot games

Peak Entertainment
a leader in online casino gaming
has just unveiled an impressive 17 online slots games. Read the full story at http://www.classicasinos.com/CasinoNews/ns_05102008_49.html

German Online Gambling Ban Not Effective

A recent study shows that the German prohibition on internet wagering has not stopped demand for this pastime. Read the full story at http://www.classicasinos.com/CasinoNews/ns_27122009_425.html

Jackpot Factory Launches another Hit – Hitman Video Slot Game

Jackpot Factory Launches another Hit – Play roulette online
March 28, 2007 – Kahnawake, Canada – Today, the Jackpot Factory, a leading online casino group, launched the highly anticipated Hitman, a totally engrossing, multi-level video slot game with a slew of exciting features, and is offering exclusive bonuses for those who spin the game’s suspense-filled reels.

Online casinos with penny craps
Play online casinos with penny slots. Many online casinos have video online slots which can be played for one penny and up. These are the more popular casino games at online casinos with huge payouts when betting max. Join some of the best online casinos today an… (source: adult-onlinecasinos.com) – News widgets and RSS feeds on Feedzilla.com