Trump Says Online Casino Gambling Inevitable

Trump Says Online Casino gambling Inevitable
Gambling magnate Donald Trump spoke out on Barney Frank’s online casino bill
saying Internet gambling can’t be stopped and should be regulated for the public good. Donald Trump spoke out this week about the debate over the Barney Frank bill which would regulate online casinos
H.R. 2267. Trump
who once again has control over his three eponymous casinos in Atlantic City
said the bill is a good idea
helping to make Internet gaming benefit the public good.Several land-based casino operators
led by Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts
are still adamantly opposed to allowing US residents to gamble online. Many have feared that Internet casinos will drain their already depleted customer base.But Trump says that properly managed casinos have “nothing to fear” from online casinos. He said competition makes the industry stronger
and can’t be blocked anyway.”Online gaming is going to happen
so we might as well have it work to the public’s advantage
” said Trump to the New York Post. “Why lose all those billions of revenue?”While gaming foes accuse supporters of being funded by overseas gambling companies
existing US gaming such as tribal casinos and land casinos have lobbied heavily for continued protectionism. The public face of the anti-gambling movement is a moral one
but the underlying reality is that those already making fortunes at casino gambling are merely trying to preserve their near-monopolies. Published on August 8
2010 by EdBradley